renault electric car

A Zoe for £225 a month (including battery, servicing and maintenance)

Don't buy a second hand Zoe. Hire it instead. EEV is like Spotify for cars. For £225 a month we deliver a low mileage Zoe to your door. No hassle. No fuss. Give it back when you like with no charge.

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Everyone's EV

Choose between a range of 2013 to 2015 Zoes with prices starting from £225 a month, delivered to your door. 4,500 miles a year are included. If you need more you can add blocks of 1,500 miles per year. £12 a month for each block.

There is a £225 setup fee which includes preparation (to Renault used car standards) and delivery anywhere in the UK. We ask you to insure the car otherwise there are no other costs. Everything else is included in the monthly fee.

When it needs servicing you choose the most convenient time and day for us to drop you a courtesy car and take yours away. You can hand the keys back to us any time you like. No charge, no hassle. Every 3 years we'll swap your car out for a younger version - no charge. It's all as simple as subscribing to Spotify....


How It Works

We are the Netflix of EVs. A simple, easy way to drive one with none of the hassle of ownership. If the car goes wrong or you don't want it anymore. Simply call us and we'll pick it up for free. The whole service is setup to work around you. Anything you want to know need to know - email or call us.

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The car

A range of second hand

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The battery

No leases - in the price

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There isn't any to pay

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Every 10,000 miles included.

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You pay - but soon we'll offer this as well

No minimum contract lengths. If life changes give it back. No hassle. No collection fee.

(For one-off journeys we'll deliver a petrol car - our hire rates are super low)

About Us

We're on a mission to bring EV's to everyone.

We were frustrated a lot of the people who needed EV’s – those with expensive, long, (polluting) commutes – couldn’t afford the upfront cost of the car. Seeing electric cars were become commoditized and the residual values on EVs declining sharply, we decided to get ahead of the curve and hoover up the second hand market.

If you are a corporate user and you think more than a couple of people might be interested in an EEV at work. Drop us an email on the email below. 

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